Our story

Ecoo turns your residual plastics into new opportunities. By recycling household residual plastics into a new raw material, we create sustainable solutions that matter.

Rethinking as philosophy

As plastic 'rethinkers', we broaden your view on residual plastics: from end to endlessly, from residue to raw material.
With 'rethinking' as a new way of looking at residual plastics, we focus on the good of the raw material. 

From residual plastics to recycled raw materials

Ecoo recycles your residual plastics into a granulate that offers opportunities. We use this material ourselves in new products, but above all we share it with others who want to work more sustainably.

100% recycled. 100% recyclable.

The result is a product that can be recycled again. And again. And again.
By using existing plastics in a smarter way in gardens and public spaces, we give this raw material a meaningful place in the world again.

An open ecosystem of rethinkers

Ecoo brings together a network of inventors and companies that connects in responsibility and causes change by thinking differently.
Together, we succeed in innovating with sustainable materials.

Through our research centre: Ecoo New Technologies, we work on innovative solutions for the recycling sector. With the help of artificial intelligence & partners such as Ghent University, we develop new technologies to take recycling to the next level.


Working at Ecoo

Working at Ecoo

Ecoo is working hard to create a great place to work. Circularity is the green thread running through our company, which we continue to follow in everything we do.

Want to be part of our team? 

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