Garden Box

Simple construction kit to build your own ecological vegetable garden.

One square meter vegetable garden

One square metre is enough to create your own ecological vegetable garden, but you can also combine several vegetable boxes if you want to plant a larger area. The Ecoo consists of four compartments, which you can easily assemble yourself.

The material of this vegetable gardener is made from 100% recycled waste plastics. It has a long life, requires little maintenance and can be recycled or reused in new applications.
That gives you even more possibilities. 

Advantages of the Garden Box

  • Long life span 
  • Easy to install & process 
  • 100% recycled & 100% recyclable 
  • No maintenance 
  • Rot- and splinter-free
  • Subtle & natural appearance 

Garden Box Range

Garden Box

Simple construction kit for a sustainable vegetable garden box Garden Box


Product information

  • 6 profiles of 22 cm x 4 cm x 100 cm

The Garden Box is a simple construction kit for a ready-to-use, sustainable vegetable garden box.