Eco-oh! becomes Ecoo


Eco-oh! steps aside for Ecoo, the new brand name for the Belgian recycling company that recycles household plastic waste into new products. By transforming all household residual plastics into sustainable garden products, Ecoo is helping to eradicate single-use plastics from the world.

The future is circular, just like Ecoo

Belgium is a pioneer in recycling, thanks in part to Ecoo. Since 1989, our recycling company in Houthalen-Helchteren has been recycling all residual household plastics, including the most difficult ones. But things change: recycling became the standard. Ecoo wants to go further. To stay ahead, Eco-oh! is transforming to Ecoo.

Ecoo gives gardeners a sustainable alternative, with new products that matter. Solid garden benches, hedges and vegetable gardens made from 100% recycled materials that you can enjoy for years. All Ecoo products that you use can be recycled again. And again. And again. This is how we make gardening truly sustainable.

Sustainable gardening starts with Ecoo

Ecoo was founded when plastic became a worldwide problem. Co-founder Koen saw the potential plastic waste: he wondered why tropical wood was being cut down in faraway countries for stakes in our Belgian gardens. It could be more sustainable, he thought. He found the answer close to home: recycling household plastics. Under his leadership, Ecoo grew into a Belgian recycling company that recycles all residual plastics into new garden products that matter.

Koen Verhaert

With Ecoo, we annually recycle about 22,000 tonnes of residual plastic from 11 million Belgians into new products. In doing so, we not only use existing raw materials in a more meaningful way, but we also help to eradicate throw-away products from the world.

Koen Verhaert, co-founder of Ecoo

Positive look at your plastic waste

Alongside its renewed name, Ecoo is also getting a new look: one that better suits the customers of today and tomorrow. Gardeners who want to give flexible shape to their garden, terrace or driveway. The new name refers to our positive view on residual household plastics. A vegetable garden at height, a sustainable garden bench or flexible garden edging: we make it possible again.

Ecoo makes more possible

In 2021, Ecoo will continue its growth. We will double our production capacity to recycle the household residual plastic of all Belgians, thanks to the new blue bag. With the arrival of a second production hall in Beringen, four new recycling lines and a smart distribution centre, we will be able to recycle more, faster and more residual plastic.

Behind the scenes, we are working hard on a completely new product range. Innovation, modularity and convenience for the user are central. With this new range, Ecoo wants to make gardening more accessible, flexible and greener for today's gardener.

In the coming years, Ecoo will focus even harder on cooperation, innovation and circularity. Besides creating new products, Ecoo will share its raw materials with others. By motivating companies and creative makers to think in circular terms, together we will make more of less.

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Eco-oh! becomes Ecoo

Eco-oh! steps aside for Ecoo, the new brand name for the Belgian recycling company that recycles household plastic waste into new products.

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