Flexible micro gardening in small areas


You don't need a gigantic garden to enjoy greenery. Even a limited space such as a terrace or balcony is sufficient for the Flex Garden, Ecoo's most flexible garden.

Big in micro gardening

Flex Garden is your pocket-sized mini garden. This flexible garden has a lot to offer for the minimum amount of space you have available. In just a few moments you can transform your own balcony, terrace or city garden into a greener place.

Step 1: Get the right greenery

Would you like to grow your own herbs, have a flower bed as an eye-catcher or rather have a mini kitchen garden to test whether growing your own vegetables could be something for you? Visit one of our points of sale and take home the right greenery right away.

Step 2: Make it fit

With the four different shapes you can choose which works best for you and the space you have in mind. Do you prefer high, so that you have to bend over as little as possible? Round and contoured or more organic? Play around with this durable, pliable material until you find the right arrangement.

Step 3: Vary into something new

You can quickly change the shape of this modular flower and planter. If you feel like something new, you can easily convert the Flex Garden into a new shape or even recycle it. In this way, Ecoo can put your residual plastics to good use again to create sustainable garden products.

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