Ecoo expands! A new recycling plant in Beringen.


Together with the Flemish Minister for Environment, Justice, Energy and Tourism Zuhal Demir, Fost Plus & Biostoom Beringen symbolically laid the first stone of our brand new recycling centre on Thursday 20 May. With the arrival of the new site in Beringen, we are increasing our recycling capacity from 32,000 to 70,000 tonnes in the coming years.

Innovation & state-of-the-art recycling technology

In the new recycling plant, we are taking circularity one step further. Three mechanical recycling lines are equipped with AI technology, which makes it possible to achieve a higher degree of purification in order to obtain a more qualitative recycled plate. In this way, the recycled raw materials approach the quality of virgin plastics. With the focus on PE film-to-film reyclage, household packaging films are turned into bin liners, packaging films or other film applications. 

Strong through partnerships

At Ecoo, we strive for an open system of thinking. That is why we are not building this new site alone. We welcome Biostoom Beringen to our network and together with them we are building a circular hub. They are operating the new Biostoom power plant, which produces high-quality steam by burning non-hazardous and non-recyclable waste. This steam is then put to optimal use through dynamic heat delivery and efficient conversion to electricity. 

Back to the roots

e go back to where it all started. Ecoo was founded in Beringen as a reconversion project when the mines closed in the late 1980s. In order not to lose the unemployment and the knowledge acquired by the mining industry, it was decided to apply the technology of coal washing to household residual plastics. This led to Ecoo, Europe's first recycling centre for household residual plastics. Its processing capacity grew steadily year by year, reaching 9800 tonnes in 2010. That year, Ecoo moved from Beringen to Houthalen. This left room for the processing capacity to grow to 32,000 tonnes in 2021. 

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