From your residual plastics we create

Ecoo recycles your residual household plastics into new products that matter. This is how we give this raw material a sustainable place in the world again.

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Rethinking to broaden your view on residual plastics


Honestly? Plastic is a problem

That plastic has become a global problem is nothing new. Ecoo consciously chooses to put existing plastics to more meaningful use and to turn them into opportunities again.

About us

And again. And again. And again.

At Ecoo, we recycle all your residual plastics, even the most difficult ones. This is the only way we can get the plastics counter to zero.

The process

From plastic bag to garden bench

Out with the throw-away, in with something new! With our recycled raw material as a basis, we make sustainable products that you will find in city squares, museums or in your own garden.

Alle garden products

Together we make more possible

We all make an impact. That's why we share our raw material with everyone who wants to eliminate throw-away and explore the opportunities of our recycled pellets.

Ecoo for companies

Rethinking closes the loop

Ecoo changes the plastics perspective to a positive one: from end to end, from problem to solution. By thinking differently, we broaden your view of your residual plastics.

Our philosphy

Our solutions for your garden

Sustainable gardening with Ecoo

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Lawn and pond edging made of 100% recycled residual plastics. Easy to install in any garden.

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Flex Garden

Flex Garden

Your flexible garden. Flower and plant containers made of flexible material that shape your garden or terrace.

New applications for companies

Meaningful use of resources

Do you have a new idea or an existing product that you want to make circular? By sharing our raw materials, we help companies to turn more into less.

All raw materials

Together we make a difference

An open network of rethinkers

Together you can achieve more. To really bring the plastics counter to zero, we are looking for partners who want to use existing plastics in a more meaningful way. Join Ecoo in co-creation towards a circular product or process.

Our co-creation process

What we work hard on every day

We are not satisfied until we cease to exist. Now we are choosing to take 100% responsibility and to make raw materials from even the most difficult to recycle residual plastics.

About Ecoo

Do it with Ecoo

Looking for inspiration?


Eco-oh! becomes Ecoo

Eco-oh! steps aside for Ecoo, the new brand name for the Belgian recycling company that recycles household plastic waste into new products.

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